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You are a medium-sized company in the biotechnology sector, with a focus on research and development. Your focus not only reflects your strength in innovation, but also your opportunity to advance the company and to attract investors. What is missing? Transparency, a clear overview, and security - to minimize research risks. The right choice of software can help alleviate these issues. YAVEON systems are designed for your needs - and even available in the Cloud, if required. Deploy a solution that, combined with our expert knowledge, reduces project risk and increases safety.


With the right Software

When the established standard meets more options, the results can be impressive: YAVEON ProBatch starts where other systems stop. The industry solution extends and enhances your ERP System, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly NAV/NAVISION), for example with Quality Management features. These features, combined with operational production functions help position you in R&D. With the Document Management System, you can keep track of digitalized license payments and patents. If you also want a partner who knows how to work in a regulated environment, then YAVEON is the right fit for you. Rely on our solution to meet highest quality requirements and to bring your research projects safely to completion. How does this work? With the right mix of competent advice and the ideal systems, such as enterprise content management.


Deploy a scalable system, that grows with you - all the way to marketing or outlicensing your products.


Establish consistent quality assurance to reliably and systematically drive research projects.


Keep an eye on important key figures to safeguard financing at all times.


Access product documentation and templates for the validation processes to navigate safely through every audit.


Systems that work hand in hand: YAVEON provides solutions that are mutually compatible. YAVEON ProE-SCM connects your company with partners or suppliers. This helps you stay in touch automatically and frees up time for you to concentrate on research, marketing and licensing.

A clear view of the future - with the right partner by your side. Our consultants guide you through the confusing world of digital transformation. To help you take the next step towards sustainable company success and to make full use of your potential. Lower your risk while improving your outcome.

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Map your processes completely

YAVEON ProBatch: ERP for your industry

In our YAVEON ProBatch factsheet, you will learn

  • how to keep an eye on your recipe-oriented production and to maintain an oversight of batches, consignments and serial numbers,
  • how to check permissions and organize hazardous substances,
  • how to comply with validation and legal requirements,
  • how to keep an overview of your warehouse and logistics,
  • how to rate your suppliers and map your warehouse and production with scanners and barcodes,
  • and much more.
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References for the Biotechnology Industry

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ERP for the biotechnology industry

Find out how TriOptoTec realizes their ERP project, which goals have been set and why partnership plays a major role.

Why Microsoft and YAVEON

A leader for over 30 years, with 3.3 million Business Central users, and 4,500 partners using their software worldwide, Microsoft is one of the most experienced and proven ERP providers.

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Used around the globe

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is used worldwide - in all countries, in multiple languages and in various currencies. How is this even possible? Microsoft relies on their vast partner network to make this happen.


Kept simple, easy to use

Software developed for users. Microsoft opted for the Visual Studio Code development environment - a modern tool that is popular with users and has proven its worth. What does this mean for you? You can find answers, expertise and support whenever you need them, and discuss current issues in the online Microsoft communities.


Simple communication, better collaboration and logical structures

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the next generation of NAV, is designed to meet the challenges of digital transformation. The system is always up to date and enables networking - to other systems as well as between users. If you want to learn how to use the solution most effectively, then Digital Transformation Consulting from YAVEON is perfect for you.

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