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Read the report to find out how BiUno GmbH obtained an absolutely stable, parameterizable ERP solution, how they reduced the potential for errors and how they use an fully integrated AutoStore.


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YAVEON ProBatch and YAVEON ProE-SCM: More benefits


BiUno GmbH |


Organic farming products


Approx. 60 Employees

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ESCM and ERP for the food industry for BiUno



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  • Replace the outdated ERP system
  • Extremely tight deadline
  • Unexpected, enormous revenue increase


  • YAVEON ProBatch


  • Absolutely stable ERP system with all necessary functions
  • Parameterizable solution
  • Reduce the potential for errors
  • Highly efficient warehouse thanks to fully integrated AutoStore

Bio. Move:

BIUno GmbH

2019. BiUno, then still known as Phoenix, urgently needed a new ERP solution. Why? The current software no longer meets the requirements. The project started with an ambitious target of only six months project duration, with go-live scheduled for January 1, 2020.

Roll up your sleeves, and let’s go - straight into the project with a result that could do so much more than first assumed...

Bio. Move: BiUno GmbH

Organic farming products The story of BiUno started in 1981, then known as Phönix Naturprodukte GmbH. Today, the product range includes over 10,000 items and covers the needs of small retailers, chain stores, delivery service companies, and even commercial kitchens. The principles of BiUno: The company works exclusively with organic goods, preferably those that meet the high standards of well-known organic associations. The assortment covers the full range, with an emphasis on regionality and freshness. The main focus is on fruit and vegetables, but BiUno also offers dairy products, frozen products, and a comprehensive range of dry goods with a commitment to supply only the highest quality.

BiUno has the same high demands on the software used as on the goods the company sells.

A new ERP solution with industry functions in just six months

In 2019, BiUno was already working with a Microsoft ERP solution. However, the Navision version from 2009 no longer fulfilled the requirements. The evaluation options were no longer suitable. A healthy update was required. “We wanted to be more independent and flexible,” recalls Marina Dietz, Head of IT at BiUno. BiUno found the right offer in YAVEON and the ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch for the food industry.

YAVEON ProBatch is an ERP solution that extends the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system with industry-relevant features. With its numerous modules, it covers the needs of companies in the areas of warehousing, logistics, trade, and quality assurance, among others.

Combined with the possibility of connecting warehouses, partners, or suppliers to their own ERP using the EDI module of the YAVEON ProESCM solution, the result was an unbeatable combination.

YAVEON ProE-SCM makes it possible to connect customers and suppliers directly to the company’s Microsoft ERP system. Electronic data exchange reduces errors and saves time.

Even at the start of the project, it was clear that the six months deadline was tight. Incredibly tight.

"We wanted to be more independent and flexible."

Marina Dietz, BiUno GmbH

Good planning

Good mood

Planning is half of the battle in software projects; the other half is the appropriate implementation. The BiUno and YAVEON project team went full steam ahead from the very first second to realize the planned go-live. The secret of the project process was good planning, immediate clarification of questions or challenges, and regular communication. In short: The chemistry between BiUno and YAVEON was simply right. “Working with YAVEON was excellent, right from the start,” reports Marina Dietz.

Strictly speaking, the entire project was a significant challenge - the tight timing left no time for clumsy errors or long delays. “Our contact at YAVEON didn’t let up, and that’s exactly why we managed to implement everything in just half a year,” Marina Dietz recalls.

The commercial area was relatively easy to manage. Other areas, such as the warehouse, were very time-consuming. But the effort was worth it, says Marina Dietz: “As far as processes are concerned, we have come from the Stone Age to the present day.” For example, delivery bills used to be printed out and processed by hand, but since the go-live, processing is now completely digital. Sure, a new ERP system brings many benefits. But some are particularly noticeable. With BiUno, a major benefit is the switch to mobile dialogue for the picking in the warehouse - a significant simplification. This streamlines the work for all departments involved, and the whole process is less prone to errors.

Consultancy and guidance? Excellent.

“Yes, absolutely!” That was Marina Dietz’s answer to whether she was satisfied with the advice and support she received from YAVEON - even after completion of the project. Because the Support team is always competent and readily available for questions. And it got even better. The successful ERP project resulted in a followup project: Together with YAVEON, BiUno has connected an AutoStore for fresh and dry goods.

An AutoStore is a storage technology that resembles an automatic warehouse for small parts. The containers are stacked in a modular fashion, and robots automatically pick the stored goods. . In the case of BiUno, these are controlled by the mobile solution in YAVEON ProBatch. This makes it possible to realize a large or even increasing storage capacity even in a confined space.

With the AutoStore, BiUno implemented a fully automated warehouse that requests the required boxes - so far unique in the industry. A total of 5,550 crates are controlled automatically and are fully integrated into the put-away and picking process. “The project was something completely new, and YAVEON worked hard on it,” Marina Dietz said.

"Working with YAVEON was excellent, right from the start."

Marina Dietz, BiUno GmbH


Mastering even unexpected situations

Since the COVID-19 crisis, BiUno’s sales have increased enormously. What at first sounds like a huge opportunity also brings challenges: Can the new ERP solution handle the unexpected capacity? The relief at BiUno was great when it became clear: Yes, it can. The ERP system was consistently stable, and there were no delivery issues.

And YAVEON ProBatch met another challenge: When BiUno moved to a larger warehouse in the summer of 2020, it was able to take all of the software along. The move could be realized just by parameterization - without much friction and parallel to the running operation. No additional customizations were necessary.

Begin with ERP; achieve so much more

It’s clear: A good ERP project can be the gateway to many more possibilities - and perhaps a special feature or two. Such as an AutoStore.

BiUno uses these highlights:

  • Shipping logistics with mobile scanners, including deposit processing and tour processing
  • Connection of an automated AutoStore via the mobile solution in YAVEON ProBatch is fully integrated into the logistics
  • A stable ERP solution even in unexpected situations
  • Logistics handling: Purchase and sale, turnaround times

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