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Read in the reference story, how Schlumberger has achieved automated order processing and uses interfaces to other systems.


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YAVEON ProE-SCM: supply chain hub


Schlumberger GmbH & Co. KG |


Sales Company for Wine, Champagne,
Sparkling Wine and Spirits in the upper

Company Size

Approx. 130 Employees

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ProE-SCM for Schlumberger for the food industry


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Visible Results


Renewal of the old ERP solution based on AS400, connection to a consisting warehouse management system, connection to trading partners.


YAVEON ProE-SCM combined with YAVEON ProBatch based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 for 100 User for ERP, EDI, Interfaces, Workflow and Intercompany.


Highly integrated automated order processing and direct electronic interfaces to the food retail industry and to further order systems.


The heart of the ERP solution

Schlumberger GmbH & Co. KG and its subsidiary, A. Segnitz & Co. GmbH, are among Germany‘s leading distributors of premium wine, champagne, sparkling wine and spirits.

As a retail and hospitality partner, the Meckenheim company carries over 1,000 selected products. As a medium-sized company with around 130 staff, Schlumberger is the perfect place to stock up on excellent wines from the best regions in a total of 16 countries. Private individuals can also order wine on-line via its subsidiary, Bremer Weinkolleg: http://

As an intermediary and mail order company in the consumer goods industry, Schlumberger has a complex value-added chain, which must support the different information logistics solutions of its various suppliers, partners and customers.

Whilst implementing its new ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and YAVEON ProBatch for its inventory management, it also introduced the YAVEON ProE-SCM electronic supply chain solution. „At the beginning we only intended to map the electronic data interchange (EDI) using YAVEON ProE-SCM, but it soon became clear that YAVEON ProE-SCM would become our supply chain hub and therefore the heart of our ERP solutions“, recalled Ivo Schiffmann, Head of IT at Schlumberger.

Strong links to food retail

The EDI-related tasks of YAVEON ProE-SCM cannot be underestimated: the order, DESADV, INVOICE, etc., messages are generated, transmitted and received directly from NAV for all major food retail customers. In addition, forwarding companies are directly linked via EDI. A customs connection completes the set of EDI messages. „We‘re genuinely surprised by the performance of YAVEON ProE-SCM and are pleased that orders enter the system so quickly and automatically“, said Ivo Schiffmann. Order monitoring is also easier due to the fact that pre-orders are scheduled backwards and automatically processed without delay.

As well as the EDI interface, YAVEON ProE-SCM also manages the interface to the existing warehouse management system. One major advantage is that customers are only now invoiced for what is actually delivered because confirmation is entered during picking. During order entry it can also be ensured that orders which can be logistically bundled at Schlumberger and its subsidiary, Segnitz, are shipped together whilst remaining separate for accounting purposes. Similarly, any intercompany transactions initiated by the Bremer Weinkolleg subsidiary are accurately reported and the documentation automatically generated and processed.

On this basis, Schlumberger can also act as a pure logistics provider for other wine merchants, handling all their logistics processes and document creation without their customers noticing that another partner is involved.

"At the beginning we only intended to map the electronic data interchange (EDI) using YAVEON ProE-SCM, but it soon became clear that YAVEON ProE-SCM would become our supply chain hub and therefore the heart of our ERP solutions."

Ivo Schiffmann, Schlumberger GmbH & Co. KG

Quick and automatic

Order acceptance

Consignment stock

Another issue that YAVEON ProE-SCM addresses particularly well is consignment stock. The ‚Pay on Click‘ concept even means that Schlumberger customers only pay for their goods when they are scanned at its sales check-out. An automated summary of the individual dispatch notes therefore allows Schlumberger to produce monthly collective invoices. This also provides Schlumberger with a solution to the problem of wines potentially not being issued a new EAN code, despite their different vintages, as a new listing procedure would otherwise be required. The EAN code containing the item number and vintage information can be internally linked, so that the batch can be accurately classified.

YAVEON ProE-SCM also allows Schlumberger to improve the transparency of the logistics chain for its suppliers. And finally, Schlumberger also operates purchase order systems via YAVEON ProE-SCM for major consumers such as hotel chains and purchasing associations, so that these orders can be directly entered in the system.

„Due to the specific work practices at Schlumberger, we were able to extend the plausibility check and automated testing beyond what is usually possible in Dynamics NAV“, said Schiffmann. It is also possible to have full control of all postings at all times and workflow assigns tasks via a direct link.

In summary: when fully deployed in association with YAVEON ProBatch, YAVEON ProE-SCM becomes the central information logistics hub of a trading company like Schlumberger, where a highly-automated, workflow-driven supply chain has been established. „Thanks to the great support of YAVEON‘s consultants and developers, we were able to deliver right from go-live, getting off to a perfect start seldom seen in IT projects,“ said Schiffmann, full of praise for the collaboration with YAVEON.

"We‘re genuinely surprised by the performance of YAVEON ProE-SCM and are pleased that orders enter the system so quickly and automatically."

Ivo Schiffmann, Schlumberger GmbH & Co. KG

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