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  • Implement digitalization that matches your company culture
  • For more transparency, increased speed, and better results
Company growth with digitalization consulting

Digitalization with added value - A definition

When we talk about digitalization, we mean the shift from analog communication and media to digital exchange. Is this too abstract? Here is an example: Instead of filling out a paper form, you click a dialog box on your screen. This isn’t just faster. It saves paper, eliminates filing cabinets filled with documents, and even prevents typos. And that brings us to the added value: Only when you feel the benefit of the changes in your daily work can the digitalization implementation be considered a success. And you can achieve this with professional consulting.

The key benefits at a glance:

These six benefits await you with digital transformation

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Simpler work culture

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New work, new culture

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Cost reduction through efficiency

Digitalization consulting with YAVEON - How it works

If your goal is to reduce complexity with digitalization, you need Digital Transformation Consulting (DTC), as that’s exactly what it does. Because you can increase efficiency with online technologies and platforms that connect staff across all locations. Various systems are connected to provide a uniform and intuitive interface.

Our top priority: A DTC project is only successful if you as the user feel good about using the technology. This means working with you to identify priorities that will help you advance. It isn’t about using lots of different systems, but choosing the ones that are right for you.

These 6 questions will help define your digital transformation roadmap:

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Which areas are suitable for digitalization?

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Where is the greatest need to introduce digital solutions?

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Which processes are currently the most time-consuming?

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Which approach suits you?

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When is the appropriate time to start?

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Who should be involved from the beginning?


Digitalization is a challenge because digital options can quickly become a nightmare - there are simply too many options. That's why we are here to help. We show you how to exploit your potential and turn risks - such as manual paper documents - into opportunities. Together, we prepare you for the digital future.

You may now be asking yourself: How do we approach your digitalization project?

Interlocking steps

Reach your digital goal - with the proven YAVEON DTC concept

Digital transformation consulting involves various key themes. These vary from customer to customer. Once they are found, we look at the entire corporate structure - a successful project is built on this 360° overview.

Our goal: permanently successful digitalization through long-term consulting.

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This result awaits you:

Achieve the goals of digitalization with the YAVEON DTC modules

Like cogwheels, these interlock step by step. From old, make new.

DTC by YAVEON modernises an old house
  • Inventory

  • Culture, Change, Communication

  • Understanding Business Processes

  • Digitalize Processes

  • Knowledge & Information Management

  • Improve the existing and add new technology



What is your current status? What are your goals, and how will you reach them? Together we analyze your current situation and find the appropriate starting points. The buzzword "digitalization" begins to make sense.

Culture, change, communication


How can you find the interface between people and technology so that digitalization is readily adopted in the company? We'll show you how - step by step. Because that’s how you get your employees on board right from the start so that your investments in new technologies quickly pays off.

Understanding business processes


Once we’ve completed the analysis, we develop a complete understanding of your organization and business processes. YAVEON provides the framework. The content is tailored to you. This step helps you recognize potential and manage change.

Digitalize processes


Let's go! Theory now becomes practice: We digitalize your business processes. At this point, we combine all results, to define and realize your goals. At a realistic pace, of course - we make sure of that. We keep your ERP system as close to standard as possible, and work together towards success.

Knowledge & Information Management


Are you searching for elusive information? Learn how to access data in the right format at the right time. The basis: appropriate rules and standards. Unnecessary information might take resources from elesewhere. Information that is used where it is needed becomes knowledge, which improves value. Information management becomes active knowledge management.

Improve the existing and add new technology


Instead of short-term success, we provide lasting benefits. We accompany you and your company over a long period of time and help you adapt your IT strategy and projects to the requirements repeatedly. This is how you manage to improve what you already have and supplement it with new technology. So that your IT can still provide powerful support tomorrow.

„Why should I start digitalization with YAVEON“

A valid question with many answers. Some success factors of digital transformation:

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Approach: precisely tailored

Digitization is successful if it suits – you. For that reason, we design each project individually on the basis of our proven DTC best practices for efficient results.

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Experience: plenty

Correct, digital transformation consulting is relatively new. But still, we have plenty of experience from successful software projektcs and from our own work.

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Empathy: with feeling

You miss the "good old days"? Relatable. Because we are aware of this, we proceed cautiously. Step by step, we work until you are able to say: We love working digitally.

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Purposeful: certainly

Our motto: Getting right down to business instead of getting lost in the details. Pragmatically, directly, and without beating around the bush. Real digital transformation consulting is pragmatic and generates an added value.

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