Digital signatures- online, legally binding, and straightforward

E-signature made easy

  • Forget paper, pens, scanners, and faxes. Digital is so much easier.
  • Sign digitally from anywhere at any time, even when working from home.
  • Legally binding signatures - more secure than paper
  • Reduced stationery and postal costs to save money
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The highlights of YAVEON digital signature

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Be highly organized and totally transparent

You work in a more organized and transparent way, because you can always see the current status of the digital signature. Of course, this applies to everyone involved, and without having to print out any paper.

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Legally compliant signatures

With the Federal Printing Office (Bundesdruckerei) or Swisscom as trusted partners for validated proof, your signature is legally binding. This allows you to sign contracts quickly, easily, and more securely than with a paper signature.

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You speed up your processes because instead of signing manually, you now sign online. The subsequent signatory is immediately informed. There is no need to sign the paper document, scan it, and send it to colleagues. In addition, the system provides automatic signature reminders should anything be overlooked.

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Even more benefits

Use digital signatures as add-on modules. One example is contract management where you can directly access digital signatures.

What are digital signatures?

It is a hassle to collect multiple handwritten signatures on one document. And the paper version can be risky: It is easy for a document to get lost or damaged, and sometimes it can be difficult to track if it is still the current version. These challenges are even more present when people are working from home. That’s why it’s good to know that you can simplify the signature process - digitally - with the right software.

Digital signatures are a replacement for handwritten signatures, as you can confirm the specific document version. And all this without paper or a pen. Instead, you sign digitally and securely.

In the legal sense, this is an electronic signature: What was once enshrined in the Signature Act can now be found in the Europe-wide eIDAS (electronic IDentification, authentication, and trust services) Regulation on electronic identification and trust services.

How do digital signatures work?

Whether you use digital signatures as a standalone solution or integrated into an existing system, it is a process driven mainly by a workflow.
But careful! Depending on the desired safety standard, there are different versions. Typical is the use of advanced and qualified signatures.

Not much is needed to sign digitally. Use either the designated app or the web portal. Depending on the signature type, the document is signed by keystroke or supplemented by one- or two-factor authentication.

Digital signatures are legally binding

Absolutely safe: The qualified digital signature is equivalent to the handwritten signature and has the same legal evidentiary value. However, advanced signatures may also be used depending on the use case. They also generate a high evidential value, but are somewhat easier to handle.

The eIDAS Regulation also regulates legally binding recognition. It defines how trust services and electronic identification can be used throughout Europe. Electronic signatures are thus classified as legally binding.

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For which area is which signature form necessary? An overview.

Simple / advanced signature sufficient

  • Applications
  • Powers of attorney
  • Employment contract including amendment and/or supplementary agreements
  • Transfer letter
  • Written warnings

Qualified signature required

  • Amendments or supplements to an employment contract with double written form clause
  • Acknowledgment of receipt

Handwritten signature required

  • Notice of termination
  • Job references
  • Certificate issuance
  • Company agreement
  • Reconciliation of interests
  • Social plan
  • Employee secondment

Questions are there to be answered.

FAQs about the digital signature

Can external parties also generate digital signatures?

Yes. External parties - for example, customers, suppliers, or partners - do not need their own solution for this. After entering their email address, you can invite them to sign with just one click.

How much do digital signatures cost?

Choose the appropriate model, depending on the number of signatures to be generated. This enables you to get started quickly and cost-effectively - for tangible benefits from the very first second.

Are digital signatures legally binding?

Yes, digital signatures generate a very high evidential value up to legally binding signatures in the form of qualified digital signatures.

Are digital signatures an integrated solution?

Yes. This ensures that operation is straightforward - even for employees who normally have no contact with IT.

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