Automate and digitally process IT requests

Why it makes sense to process IT requests digitally

Does submitting written IT requests take up too much valuable time? Wouldn’t you rather:

handle the entire process with just one click

this work

avoid paper trails
and clutter

spend time on more important tasks

Welcome to the future - because that’s what you get with your digital IT request

Analog IT request at a clipboard

IT requests on paper - chaotic.

An employee needs a new monitor. You know the process: First they must find the IT application form in the files, print it, fill it in by hand, then send it to their supervisor. Once this person has reviewed, approved, and signed the application, they pass it on to the IT department. At this point, the monitor should be issued. But first, they have a question for the employee: "Is the application for one screen or for two screens? I can’t read your handwriting”. Once the right monitor has been assigned and issued, the request is archived - along with masses of other applications, in a folder on an overloaded shelf. Will someone be able to find this request in a year or two? Probably not.

Make this easier - namely by processing your IT requests digitally and automatically. The setup is done by configuration - even if customization is required, no programming is needed.

With the digital solution based on low-code software, you can process your IT requests easier, faster, and more reliably.

Why you´ll love doing your IT requests digitally

Handling IT requests digitally - the process

Here's how a digital IT request works:

  • With one click, you open the request workflow.
  • Now select the function to create a new request.
  • A screen will open where you can enter all the necessary information, such as your name and personnel number.
  • You can leave additional information in a separate comment field.
  • Attach documents directly to the application using drag and drop.
  • With "Next steps" you submit the request, and the workflow starts.
  • The next responsible person receives an email requesting them to process the workflow and trigger the following step.
  • If the application is fully processed, you will be informed by email.

You see: It’s so simple!

Why choose Among other reasons:

Low-code standardizes processes

Which means that data is always stored where it belongs.

Low-code replaces old communication patterns

You work with workflows rather than with paper and email.

Low-code means a short implemen-tation timeframe

so you can start using the solution quickly.

You can adapt it easily while staying flexible

Changes to the software can be done while it is in use.

Low-code means excellent user experience

The intuitive operation is almost identical, regardless if you are using a computer or a mobile device.

You can work directly in Microsoft Outlook

Information from your software solution is stored directly here.

Questions are there to be answered.

The most importan FAQs about the YAVEON IT requests

What does it cost to implement the digital IT request?

The price for your digital IT request depends on numerous factors, such as the feature scope and the work required for implementation. Whatever you decide to do: The implementation is fast, uncomplicated, and provides rapid results. Work with your YAVEON consultants to determine which option is most suitable for you, and receive an offer that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

How long does it take until the IT request is ready to use?

For the implementation, we use prepared templates based on experience from various project. Your project can start very soon. A proof of concept is immediately available and can be finalized in a few days.

Do I need training for using the IT request?

Your digital IT request is intuitive to use - no more than a short briefing from the core team is required. 

How many people in a company can use the IT request?

Generally, all of them. You can optimize license costs based on the number of employees. Select either a process license with an unlimited number of users or a user-dependent license. 

Can I still process an IT request if it has already been submitted?

Yes, as long as the request has not been completed, you can make changes.

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