Simplify collaboration with a digital supplier portal

Your interface for improved supplier communication

Are you a medium-sized company with a range of suppliers with varying work methods? Perhaps some of your suppliers have more basic IT systems, which increases additional manual work. In this situation, a digital supplier portal is the answer.

Simplified order processing and status control

Better data quality, for example, for delivery dates

Reliable planning due to delivery notifications

Standardization of delivery documents and labeling

Reduce user interaction and time spent answering supplier questions

Provide clear and helpful information for suppliers

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Increase transparency in less time

Small companies often work without ERP systems or with a scaled-back system. In most cases, it is not possible to set up standardized data exchange (EDI) or automated interfaces. This means you have to ask yourself: Which supplier delivers which product? When does the order arrive, and what does that mean for your company's production planning? It takes a long time to keep track of current business operations.

Go digital to make it easier and more accurate: The supplier portal offers a common platform for you and your suppliers. It’s where you can access all critical data about the business relationship and transactions. Your supplier portal is also directly connected to your ERP system and provides suppliers with a clear overview of current orders.

But there's more: Order changes, delivery notifications, and the delivery status are updated from the supplier portal directly in the ERP system. This provides you with a uniform and transparent data basis, while reducing errors and processing workload. Would you like to generate incoming goods labels with one click? The supplier portal can do this for you - optimizing your scanner-supported warehouse receipt.

Cooperate with contract manufacturers

Many companies work with contract manufacturers. You can handle this cooperation through your supplier portal, from production confirmation through to warehouse shipping to the customers. For example, if the contract manufacturer ships the goods directly to the customer, they can use a delivery bill that you generate. The data is available in the supplier portal, presented clearly and intuitively. This facilitates cooperation, and the contract manufacturer can deliver your goods faster.

This is all made possible due to the digital workflow for the supplier portal, based on low-code software.

Why you will love the digital supplier portal

Why choose Among other reasons:

Low-code standardizes processes

Which means that data is always stored where it belongs.

Low-code replaces old communication patterns

You work with workflows rather than with paper and email.

Low-code means a short implemen-tation timeframe

so you can start using the solution quickly.

You can adapt it easily while staying flexible

Changes to the software can be done while it is in use.

Low-code means excellent user experience

The intuitive operation is almost identical, regardless if you are using a computer or a mobile device.

You can work directly in Microsoft Outlook

Information from your software solution is stored directly here.

Questiions are there to be answered

The most important FAQs about the digital supplier portal

What does the supplier portal cost?

The price for the digital supplier portal depends on numerous factors, such as the feature scope and the work required for implementation. Work with your YAVEON consultants to determine which option is most suitable for you, and receive an offer that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

How many suppliers can I connect to the supplier portal, and must I pay for each supplier connection?

With the current license model, all suppliers are covered.

Which processes can all be handled via the supplier portal?

The supplier portal bundles all communication around transactions (orders, deliveries, or complaints), certificates, and other documents. It can also be used to send notifications and demand forecasts, etc.

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