Simplify travel with digital travel management

Low-code software can make your travel management so much easier

What company doesn’t dream of being able to organize business trips easily? Digital travel management is the answer.

Much simpler

Intuitive application


Access to status, documents, and
confirmation - even on the road

Travel Management on the smartphone

Keep everything on hand when traveling

It’s 9 am, the sun is shining, the day begins - and with it, you start your business trip. You are standing at the train station as your train rolls in. In which carriage did you book your seat, you ask yourself. You reach into your briefcase to check your train ticket, but it isn’t there. No problem. A quick look in your digital travel management application, and you know where to go. No stress.

Simply application, uncomplicated processing, always accessible.

From the initial application to the sending of booking confirmations, right through to support with later billing to the appropriate project. Digital travel management covers the entire course of your business trips. The advantages for the travel management process are obvious: Digital workflows automatically trigger the next step. To help you reach your destination faster. But is this solution difficult to implement?

It's so simple: with the right low-code technology, digital travel management quickly becomes a reality. Instead of programming, all you need to do is configure the implementation - and even later customizations are easy.

Why you will love the digital travel portal

Handling travel requests digitally - the process

Here's how the digital travel management process could work:

1. With one click, you open the travel request workflow.
2. Now select the function to create a new travel request.
3. Enter all the necessary information in the form provided - such as date, destination, and hotel.
4. You also leave additional information in the comment field.
5. Documents can be attached directly to the application using drag and drop if required.
6. With "Next steps", you submit the request, and the workflow starts.

7. The workflow is sent per email to the next responsible person, who processes the request directly in the system.
8. Booking confirmations, tickets, and other documents can be stored directly in the system.
9. You receive an email once the request has been fully processed. You can access data and bookings at any time.

Why choose Among other reasons:

Low-code standardizes processes

Which means that data is always stored where it belongs.

Low-code replaces old communication patterns

You work with workflows rather than with paper and email.

Low-code means a short implemen-tation timeframe

so you can start using the solution quickly.

You can adapt it easily while staying flexible

Changes to the software can be done while it is in use.

Low-code means excellent user experience

The intuitive operation is almost identical, regardless if you are using a computer or a mobile device.

You can work directly in Microsoft Outlook

Information from your software solution is stored directly here.

Questions are there to be answered.

The most importan FAQs about the YAVEON travel management application

What does digital travel management cost?

The price for a digital travel management system depends on numerous factors, such as the feature scope and the work required for implementation. Important to know: Your solution can be implemented in just a few days. This means: minimal work, fast results, attractive prices. Work with your YAVEON consultants to determine which option is most suitable for you, and receive an offer that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Are the travel documents I can access valid digitally?

It depends on the document: Train tickets, for example, can be used digitally without any problems. Some hotels, however, still require a printed booking confirmation. However, because you can access all your documents from anywhere - all you need is a printer.

Can I access my travel documents from anywhere?

Yes, mobile access to your travel management data is possible. The interface is optimized for all devices and intuitive to use.

Can the travel bookings be integrated into Outlook?

Yes, it’s possible to set up a feature to transfer bookings, such as hotel stays, directly to your Outlook calendar.

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