Apply for vacations digitally without stress

With digital vacation management, you can enjoy your free time right from the start

All year, you look forward to your vacation time. But getting there isn’t always easy. You and your colleagues first have to complete the tiresome job of completing the paper application. That will soon be a thing of the past because you can rely on an automated workflow in your central platform to digitize and automate the process. The results:

Less hassle: Complete your application in seconds

Keep track: View the status of your applications at any time

Better planning: See available vacation days at a glance

Reduced stress: Use the option to designate a substitute

Vacation Management

Vacation management made easy

How many vacation days are still available? When have my team members booked vacations? Have my colleagues confirmed their remaining vacation days from the previous year yet? These are just a few of the issues that you face when making a leave request. At the start of the year, the HR department is kept busy calculating how many vacation days from the previous year can be carried over. Imagine the manual effort involved - and conversely, how much time could be saved. Every department benefits from digital leave management. The Foundation: Low-code software - because you can implement the application simply with configuration with no programming required.

What if vacation plans change? That’s no problem with a digital leave management process based on low-code software.

Why you will love digital vacation management

Handling vacation requests digitally - the process

Here's how a digital vacation request works:

  • With just one click, you open the leave workflow to create a new request.
  • Now select the date and assign a substitute, then send the request.
  • You’ve submitted the leave request. Now the substitute has to confirm it.
  • Once they have approved the request, the workflow is sent to your HR manager for approval.
  • The application is now fully processed. You receive a confirmation via email.
  • Check the system for an up-to-date overview of your remaining vacation days.
  • Supervisors can check the administrative overview with just a few clicks and are informed about any leave status.

You see: It’s so simple!

Why choose Among other reasons:

Low-code standardizes processes

Which means that data is always stored where it belongs.

Low-code replaces old communication patterns

You work with workflows rather than with paper and email.

Low-code means a short implemen-tation timeframe

so you can start using the solution quickly.

You can adapt it easily while staying flexible

Changes to the software can be done while it is in use.

Low-code means excellent user experience

The intuitive operation is almost identical, regardless if you are using a computer or a mobile device.

You can work directly in Microsoft Outlook

Information from your software solution is stored directly here.

Questions are there to be answered.

The most importan FAQs about the YAVEON vacation management application

How much does digital leave management cost?

The basic portal and vacation workflow can be set up in about three days. Then you can start using it, and decide on any changes or extensions to the system. Work with your YAVEON consultants to determine which option is most suitable for you, and receive an offer that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

My company has locations in different countries. Is it possible to set public holidays individually?

Yes. You can store different reference values for different locations or users. Aside from public holidays, you can also set the number of vacation days.

Which departments benefit from the vacation workflow?

Sales, Development, or Human Resources: Everyone involved benefits from the workflow, as the process of managing leave is made easier for everyone.

Is it possible to transfer a calendar entry and set up an out-of-office reply from the digital leave management application to Outlook?

Yes, integration is possible. Have a chat with your consultant.

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