YAVEON meets WEBCON - Why this partnership will change your future

We have been working with our partner WEBCON for four years now. With the WEBCON BPS platform, the company offers a solution that finally makes workflow automation hassle-free and straightforward.

Here is what you need to know about WEBCON, WEBCON BPS, and our partnership.

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Introducing WEBCON

Since 2010, WEBCON has been working in the business process digitalization sector. With its platform, WEBCON aims to enable effective digitalization for customers. The company independently distributes the WEBCON BPS platform worldwide, with locations in various countries. Distribution is aided by a steadily growing global network of partners, creating a broad foundation for use in multiple industries. One enthusiastic partner: YAVEON. We started using the software in product development in 2017, and since 2019 we have been implementing workflows for our customers on the WEBCON basis. One thing we have noticed — If you ask users, terms like "easy to use", "saves time", and "clarity" come up again and again.

But first, let’s take a step back: What exactly is WEBCON BPS?

WEBCON BPS - low-code platform for the automation of business processes

The "WEBCON Business Process Suite" (BPS) is a so-called low-code platform. Low-code means that processes are implemented by configuration alone, requiring no programming. The advantages are clear: the solution can be implemented quickly, the commissioning is uncomplicated, and the system is easy to use. Another convenient feature is that changes can be implemented during operation. This is made possible by the so-called InstantChange™ technology. Instead of having to interrupt your workday, simply add new features while you go about your everyday work.

With WEBCON BPS, you can make better use of company resources - because time-consuming process steps and paper-driven workflows are a thing of the past. Instead, save time and hassle with standardized work, access for all participants, and transparent interfaces.

The key benefits of WEBCON BPS:

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YAVEON + WEBCON = your successful digitalization

Why? For many reasons, including:

Industry know-how + smooth low-code software = secure solution  

Consulting expertise + solution that fits you = tangible added value 

Friendly consultants + friendly consultants = a gratifying project 

Challenge + proposed solution = challenge accepted 

WEBCON BPS + GxP = validated digitalization 

WEBCON BPS + YAVEON ProBatch = software that can do more 

thanks to implementation by partner

As is so often the case in life, it is often the mix that leads to successful software implementation. As an experienced provider of numerous digital solutions, including in the regulated environment, we support our customers with WEBCON BPS.


It’s simple. The software impressed us right from the start. So much so, in fact, that we use WEBCON BPS workflows ourselves. Vacation applications, travel applications, IT applications, and so on — all are managed via the low-code solution. Above all, this means — it’s simple. Because WEBCON BPS not only claims to be uncomplicated and transparent, it actually is! And it is expandable: You can continually create new workflows in your company, which you add to the existing environment.

What makes the partnership so special?

The question is legitimate. The answer is simple: The competencies from the optimal WEBCON low-code solution and proven YAVEON consulting. We support our customers in word and deed and do not let up until we have implemented a solution that brings tangible added value. Experience, expertise, know-how, and humanity make YAVEON consultants stand out - naturally also in the regulated environment. As the requirements in a regulated environment are rigorous, extensive knowledge is a must. A YAVEON project in which WEBCON BPS is introduced therefore stands for: Knowledge, support, result.

Now you may be thinking to yourself: "Well, anyone can say that," and you're right. Anyone can claim that — but when you speak to us, you’ll quickly realize that YAVEON doesn’t make empty promises. Want to find this out for yourself?

Arrange your initial non-binding appointment right away and discover the unbeatable combination of WEBCON BPS and YAVEON consulting.

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