E-learning software for simpler training

Simply train your employees digitally with an e-learning software

Paper chaos and administrative work - traditional training courses burn through resources. There is a simpler solution for both participants and instructors: an e-learning software.

digital training

Proof of those authorized
to perform a specific activity

Manage training
materials digitally

View completed training and training status


E-learning management system: Customize digital training

Training with e-learning software can be so simple. As you create the courses you need, and entirely digitally. Whether you want to create a completely new Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or integrate existing documents. With one click, the training courses are sent to the relevant people. And participants can just as easily take part digitally.

Integration of content from your electronic DMS

Design performance review directly from PowerPoint

Interactive videos can be integrated into e-learnings.

Knowledge tests can be easily updated at any time

Qualifications and certificates are stored centrally and are verifiable

Delivery of the e-learning directly via the task inbox

Can be combined with employee qualification management

Qualification statuses and qualification matrix can be viewed

What is the difference between e-learning software and training management, and why the modules work best in combination?

Training management is a tool that allows you to manage all aspects of training and training measures digitally. This includes organization, updating training status, and proof of completion. The e-learning solution is used for the actual delivery of the training courses. This includes the preparation of training materials and the training itself. Combined, the modules create an automated, end-to-end training experience - for trainers, participants, and companies.

Software for e-learning - the perfect supplement for your training management

Teamwork for your training: Combine your e-learning system with digital training management (employee qualification management) to have all the features and information related to your training system available in one system.

The 8 biggest benefits of the e-learning management system

E-learning software

This - and much more - awaits you:

  • Plan training courses as well as training measures individually according to your concept.
  • Include content such as default and standard documents from your eDMS or eQMS.
  • Integrate media to clarify learning content - this can be documents, audio files, and videos.
  • Keep qualification levels up to date within a qualification matrix.
  • Combine electronic learning review and design the performance review with selection procedures, text answers, drag and drop, and even more.
  • Use progress monitoring to process tasks that have been delivered to your systems or via a training portal.
  • Automatically report the progress monitoring result to the Employee Qualification Management module.

with partnerships

YAVEON relies on the QM solutions of our partner d.velop Life Sciences

Consulting expertise meets proven features: YAVEON and d.velop Life Sciences - the perfect combination. YAVEON has years of experience and expertise in the regulated environment and serves numerous clients in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. The d.velop Life Science modules are precisely aligned to the needs of customers from the regulated environment and provide a solid foundation. The combination of professional consulting and smooth-running products is unbeatable. Take a closer look.

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Curious to learn more?

YAVEON QM modules - partner solutions of d.velop life sciences

In our YAVEON QM modules factsheet, you will learn

  • how to organize controlled documents,
  • how to respond if something goes wrong,
  • how to plan and record qualifications of your employees
  • how to integrate modules and systems,
  • how to train your employees,
  • how to create a CAPA and access it repeatedly,
  • and much more.
Preview Factsheet Digital Quality Management

Questions are there to be answered.

The most important FAQs around e-learning software

Is it possible to version e-learnings?

Yes. E-learnings are versioned, the administration takes place in the d.3 archive.

Can users without permanent access also use e-learning software?

Yes. For this, users must be created in the stored archive. The e-learnings are displayed in a browser.

What does proof of completed e-learning look like?

Individuals who have participated in e-learning will receive a certificate that sets the associated specification document or additional qualification to 100% as part of a qualification summary.

Are qualification certificates also stored for users who have only sporadic access, and what does a certificate look like?

Yes, qualification certificates are created in Training Management after e-learning has been completed. A record is created that changes the current version of the specification document or additional qualification in the qualification overview to 100%.

Can I integrate a PowerPoint presentation that already exists into the e-learning management system?

Yes, it’s possible. If required, it is also possible to convert existing PowerPoint presentations into e-learning.

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