Data analysis with one click with the Power BI solution

Interpret your data better with the BI solution

  • Transparent evaluations of all company processes
  • Cost-effective start, as available in the cloud
  • Intuitive operation and stylish design
  • Make informed decisions based on valid data

Microsoft Power BI – data analysis made easy

Is analyzing business data one of your daily tasks? Then you know how much time and energy this process can take. Gathering information, making connections, and then drawing the right conclusion - it's easy to make a mistake or base the evaluation on incomplete data. This can have disastrous consequences for your company.

Do it better with Power BI - the data analysis tool from Microsoft. This Business Intelligence software accesses data from various sources using configurable connectors. Thanks to easily configurable Power BI templates, the tool establishes connections between data and displays analyses in an easy-to-understand and stylish design.  Would you like to view reports and dashboards at a glance instead of doing complex analysis? Find out what Microsoft Power BI can do, and how YAVEON makes the solution even better.

Good to know: Microsoft Power BI has been recognized in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms - for the 15th time in a row.

Microsoft Power BI – the key benefits:

Secure data analysis

Microsoft Information Protection, the protection against data loss and monitoring of sensitive data: Microsoft Power BI has the features you need to keep your data safe. Which helps you meet data protection requirements and provides peace of mind.

Insights for better decisions

A valuation is only as good as the underlying information, so Microsoft Power BI accesses all available data. This way, no data is accidentally lost or forgotten. The resulting reports are based on complete data, which is necessary for making well-founded decisions.

Move ahead with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a far-off vision but an integral part of modern IT. Microsoft's AI is used in the Power BI solution and enables anyone to prepare and analyze data.

Perfect interplay with Excel

Who works with Excel on a regular basis? Almost everyone. That's why Microsoft Power BI is designed to connect queries from Excel, data models, and reports to dashboards in the tool. Bringing your Excel data together so you can analyze and publish it.

Intuitive use in practice

With Power BI, pure data becomes detailed insights and knowledge - resulting in decisions and actions. This makes everyday work easier and sets your company up for lasting success. You also work in the familiar Microsoft design environment and intuitively know exactly which buttons to press.

Work in real-time

You need current data to build an analysis that is helpful and reliable. With Microsoft Power BI, you have access to real-time analytics at all times. Keeping you up to date and immediately responsive.

Full integration with other solutions

Isolated solutions are complex, chaotic, and error-prone. Leave them behind, as Microsoft PowerBI fully integrates with systems such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft CRM, or SharePoint. For increased safety and a better overview.

Cost-effective start in the cloud

Impressive results at a low cost. As Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool is an innovative cloud solution, you can start your BI project at a low price. And if you want to expand the usage over time? No problem. Simply add users and functions.

Quick implementation without deep technical knowledge

How long is the project time to the first result? With Power BI, it's quick. The solution is implemented in a short time - lengthy configuration is not necessary. Is programming not your forte? No problem: You can easily create analyses and reports with the Business Intelligence software even without prior technical knowledge.

Microsoft Power BI – the setup process

  • Step 1 Customize sources
    The upstream systems from which your data is pulled are customized and connected to your BI system.
  • Step 2 Prepare data
    Now it is a matter of bringing different files and formats into a uniform form. This step is performed by "ETL" - Extract, Transform, Load. A typical three-step process in the software industry.
  • Step 3 Collect data
    A data warehouse is used to collect all your data and store it in one place, which you can implement separately or directly in Power BI. It is the core, where the evaluation of your data happens. More about Data Warehouse
  • Step 4 Analyze
    Now it's time to filter and evaluate the significant information from your data. This is done by multidimensional analyses, "data mining," and it provides business-relevant data that you can use for evaluation.
  • Step 5 Make an evaluation
    Your data is now presented in the appropriate form, and you can evaluate it.
  • Step 6 Customize display
    Numbers are good, graphics are better. That's why you use configurable Power BI dashboards or cockpits, such as the YAVEON Cockpits, to display your analyses clearly. For a particularly simple analysis, that is a pleasure to view.
    More about YAVEON Cockpits

One BI solution, three options: Use your system the way you want to use it

Microsoft Power BI service:

  • For companies that want to create comprehensive and clear analyses
  • Power BI cloud-based SaaS service - also referred to as Power BI Online
  • Allows you to create and share analytics and reports via dashboards • Includes all available functions
  • Includes all available functions
  • Easy operation, fast results, better cooperation

Microsoft Power BI Desktop

  • Desktop version of Microsoft Power BI
  • Usable as a classic app on your computer
  • Free version, with only basic functionalities
  • Provides insight into the full range of functions

Microsoft Power BI Mobile

  • Work on the go and access Microsoft Power BI from mobile devices
  • Enables reports and content to be reviewed anywhere and accessed at any time
  • App available in app stores
  • For Windows, iOS, and Android devices

Bring your data to life with Microsoft Power BI and YAVEON

In our Microsoft Power BI Whitepaper, you will learn

  • the answers to FAQs,
  • for whom MS Power BI is the right choice and why,
  • what the YAVEON Cockpits are and how they come into play,
  • which requirements must be met to use Power BI,
  • why consulting for MS Power BI makes sense,
  • how long it takes before Microsoft Power BI is ready to use,
  • when a project is considered successful,
  • and much more.
Preview Whitepaper Power BI

Questions are there to be answered.

FAQs about Microsoft Power BI

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service to analyze and present data from different sources in a clear and visually appealing way.

Why does it make sense to use Microsoft Power BI?

With one click, you can use Microsoft Power BI to create logical and instructive evaluations from your data. Displayed reports are based on complete data and can be easily interpreted. To help you draw the right conclusions and make better decisions.

How does Microsoft Power BI work?

Microsoft Power BI uses data from numerous sources to create analyses and reports. Power BI converts the data into a uniform format using an ETL process (Extract, Transform, Load) and collects it in a data warehouse. The data is then clearly presented via dashboards and cockpits - for easier evaluations and better decisions.

How to use Microsoft Power BI?

You can use Microsoft Power BI as a Desktop, Service, or Mobile. Desktop is a basic version to help you get to know the system, while Dienst and Mobile provide the full range of functions.

Where does the data in Microsoft Power BI come from?

Microsoft Power BI accesses data from (almost) all sources using connectors. You determine which ones.

Why introduce Microsoft Power BI with YAVEON?

YAVEON stands for holistic software projects. That means: Instead of looking at a single component, we take a look at the entire infrastructure with the goal of uniting all your software solutions. Microsoft Power BI becomes a fully integrated and integral part of your infrastructure.


How reliable are the evaluations with Microsoft Power BI?

An evaluation is only as good as the data on which it is based. That’s why Microsoft Power BI accesses your entire data pool - so that reports take all available data into account.

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