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Graphic of person sitting cross-legged with laptop on lap in front of info guide with writing Microsoft AppSource Guide

Microsoft Appsource Guide

What is Microsoft AppSource, what apps are there and how much do they cost? Learn all this and much more on the YAVEON blog!

Skyline Hamburg mit Schriftzug "we enable you - YAYEON at Directions EMEA 2022"

Directions EMEA 2022

Directions EMEA in Hamburg. Here’s what existing and future partners can expect to find when they visit us at Directions EMEA 2022.


ERP systems and the cannabis industry

Cannabis and ERP – it´s the perfect match! Read the article to find out how Enterprise Resource Planning can support the cannabis industry.

Handshake between two erp software partners

ERP Software Partner

Power in Partnerships: As ERP software partner, you benefit from high margins, industry features, and more. Become our next sales partner!

Clouds in the sky

Microsoft universal code initiative

On April 1, Microsoft launches its Universal Code initiative – this might affect you too! What you need to know and do now, read the article.

Yaveon & Octocon Hintergrund ohne Animation

YAVEON and Octocon

Entrepreneurship, the same cultural values and a shared vision: YAVEON has acquired 100% stake in OctoCon AG.

Header Unique Device Identification

The Mystery of the UDI code

Unique Device Identification – an important topic that couldn’t be more complex. In this article, you can read everything you need to know.

Directions 4 Partners

Directions 4 Partners 2021 in Milan

Directions is an annual highlight for the Microsoft partner community. We look back at Directions 2021 in Milan.

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