Safely facing the future of the cosmetics industry with ERP industry software 

How the cosmetics industry benefits from YAVEON ProBatch

  • Your daily work: responsiveness, acting with foresight, meeting compliance guidelines
  • Your challenge: environmental protection, a fast pace, and fast-moving consumer good
  • Your solution: the ERP industry software YAVEON ProBatch
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These are the challenges facing the cosmetics industry

Sustainability is the topic of the day: More and more consumers want vegan products that are free of harmful toxins like microplastics. For you, that means more pressure in research and development.

Despite the swift pace, you want to maintain the highest quality standards for your customers while still complying with the requirements of the relevant authorities. You are constantly adapting to changing customer requirements and regulations and feel one thing in particular: the high level of international competition between global players.

Permanently overcome these challenges - with the right ERP solution

What you need is a software solution that understands your industry. With YAVEON Probatch, you get an ERP system that does just that. Combined with YAVEON consultants, who know your industry as well as you do, you are on the safe side.

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ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch 

These (and many more) advantages await you with the right industry functions:

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Research & Development

Shelf life and expiration dates are essential in the cosmetics industry. So why not keep a digital eye on them in the future?  

  • Document development of your products
  • Closely monitor calculation costs
  • Development as well as administration of recipes and parts lists
  • Recipe release for production
  • Take into account the required product features
  • Provide and send sample

Your benefits: Manage research articles in an efficient and integrated way. The complete, centralized documentation gives you time for the development of new products. This will please your customers and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Meeting compliance requirements

Directives, regulations, specifications, GMP, ISO, EU Cosmetics Regulation, FD&C Act, or CFR Title 21 & 16 - compliance always keeps you busy. Our ERP industry solution facilitates the processes: 

  • Integrated batch tracing
  • Data fields define who is allowed to make which change
  • Electronic signatures (dual control principle)

Your benefits: Regulations concerning the handling of your lots can be mapped more efficiently, which reduces errors. You are prepared for any eventuality, compliant, and able to provide complete information. To summarize: You go into every audit safe and worry-free.

Warehouse and logistics management

Managing your warehouse and logistics is complex yet so important for smooth operations. With the right features, you can keep track of everything: 

  • A logistics solution eliminates the need for additional warehouse management systems
  • Control station for shipping processing
  • Mapping of complex storage strategies
  • Stocks and batch data are available at any time
  • MDE solution for mapping relevant logistics and production processes
  • Management of load carriers and inventory processing

Your benefits: Accelerated processing, reduced administrative efforts, as well as full transparency - all in one holistic system.

Quality control

Ensure the quality of your products with comprehensive quality testing. What if you could integrate quality testing directly into your logistics and production processes?  

  • Quality controls: reliable and continuous
  • Management of test plans and test equipment
  • Process-related automatic creation of test orders
  • Management of stability tests
  • Test severity set per product
  • Create Certificates of Analysis

Your benefits: You ensure maximum safety - with less effort and increased transparency. This will please you and your customers. 

ERP Characteristics Management

Feature and specification management

Defining product specifications and features is complicated? With the right solution, it's much more straightforward:  

  • Automated presetting of data records
  • Feature specifications are assigned for master data areas
  • Automatic calculation of feature values

Your benefits: Because you characterize your master data precisely, you know immediately about properties as well as possible applications 

Batch management and batch tracking

Managing lots is time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Want a way to handle lots more easily and securely, with tracking included 

  • Divide and mix lots
  • Complete lot and serial number tracking
  • Management of batch status and batch characteristics
  • Definition of process-related rules depending on freely definable status
  • Batch tracing with a detailed batch report
  • Takes into account the entire flow of goods

Your benefits: Error reduction with increased safety, as well as easier operation, especially in batch handling. This creates traceability along your entire supply chain.

EDI Data Exchange

Data exchange, for example, with retail chains 

Data exchange? Much easier if it is done digitally, directly via your ERP system 

  • Automated data exchange through the complete supply chain
  • Complete package with all components relevant for EDI
  • Standardized connection to EDI partners, such as Amazon, DM, or wholesalers
  • Data conversion entirely without external converter, e.g., EDIFACT, AnsiX12, OpenTrans, IDOC. You can also create your own mappings on the interface without programming knowledge
  • Status control, tracking, error messages, and more - directly in Business Central
  • The system is scalable

Your advantage: a fast and standardized connection to any EDI partner. High configurability avoids customization programming, the error rate is reduced, and the degree of automation is increased. To summarize: You save time.

Trading module

Tasks such as order management cost time but are essential. Use the trade module of the ERP industry software YAVEON ProBatch and complete critical tasks with less effort

  • Management of customer hierarchies, listings, and complex price and discount structures
  • Multiple header and line discounts and discounts in kind
  • Automated calculation of surcharges/discounts, such as freight and insurance
  • Bonus calculation and commission settlement
  • Use of all data for processing customer orders directly in the sales process

Your advantage: effortless fulfillment of customer requirements typical of the trade.

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Mobile scanner integration

Fast and as error-free as possible - this is how the delivery to your customers must proceed. This is exactly where the scanner solution helps:  

  • Integrated solution for mobile scanners
  • Integrated solution for mobile scanners
  • Warehouse-friendly with greatly simplified dialog guidance, particularly geared to working with barcodes
  • Lowest hardware requirements: no additional app, no installation on the scanner - you just need a browser
  • Processing operations are executed directly in the ERP system. This avoids time lags and additional interfaces, so you will always receive real-time information

Your benefits: You increase your performance in the warehouse across the board and significantly reduce the error rate. 

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Our ERP customers in the cosmetics industry

Microsoft ERP meets industry solution

Are you looking for more in-depth information on our ERP system? You have come to the right place.

In the whitepaper of our industry solution YAVEON ProBatch, you will learn

  • everything about the foundation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,
  • why an industry solution makes sense,
  • which features make YAVEON ProBatch unique,
  • how a ProBatch project proceeds,
  • how an ERP project can be realized without interfering with day-to-day operations,
  • what the four most important goals of an ERP project are,
  • and much more.
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