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  • Your daily work: cost control, monitoring, and quality checks
  • Your challenge: the high expectations of your consumers
  • Your solution: the ERP industry software YAVEON ProBatch
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Meeting today's challenges with digital capabilities

Consumer demands are rising, with shoppers increasingly seeking sustainably produced food that contains healthy nutrients and is as free as possible from artificial additives. Quality comes first, and food trends shape the market. Transparency, quality, trend awareness, cost control are other buzzwords that accompany the food industry on a daily basis.

All points that software solutions such as ERP systems can support. ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch goes beyond the standard: After all, it is industry-specific functions that turn a regular ERP into a customized and efficient software solution.

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ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch 

You can expect these (and many more) advantages with the right industry functions:

Shelf life and expiration control

Shelf life and expiration dates are essential in the food industry. So why not keep a digital eye on them in the future?

  • Stay in complete control of Sell By and Use By management
  • Rules for consumption or shipment of goods depending on the minimum shelf life or remaining shelf life prevent goods from expiring

Your benefits: Because you know precisely when each raw material or product can be used, you make optimal use of your resources and produce top-quality products.

Quality control

Food is important - but the quality is crucial. With the ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch, you always provide customers with products of the highest quality.

  • Quality inspection embedded in logistics and production processes
  • Quality controls: reliable and continuous
  • Management of test plans and test equipment
  • Automatic creation of process-related test orders
  • Handling of stability tests
  • Separate indication of the test severities for each product
  • Creation of certificates of analysis

Your benefits: High quality, high safety, satisfied customers - and permanently reduced expenses.

Batch management and batch tracking

The flow of goods is complex, particularly in the food industry - and so are your processes. Use the features of YAVEON ProBatch for easier handling:

  • Mix and divide your batches
  • Enables reliable and complete lots as well as Serial number tracking
  • Manage your batch status as well as your batch characteristics
  • Process-related rules control the use and availabilities of lots

Your benefits: Enhanced reaction capabilities - because information about your lots is right at your fingertips when you need it.

Data exchange, for example, with retail chains

Secure the success of your business. Freeing up time will help you reach this goal. Save time with electronic data exchange.

  • Automated processing of electronic documents such as order import, shipping notifications, or invoices
  • External warehouse operators can also be connected
  • Compliant with the requirements of discounters, trading platforms, wholesalers, and many more
  • Integrated conversion, e.g., EDIFACT and XML
  • The system is easily scalable

Your benefits: Automated processes give you more time for your actual goal: securing the future of your company

EDI Data Exchange

Warehouse and logistics management

It's essential to keep a close eye on logistics when running an efficient business. You can do this with the right control system:

  • Dispatch processing and picking via control area
  • Shipment management with packaging materials, SSCC/NVE, and pallet accounts
  • Efficient, mobile scanner dialogs for all warehouse processes
  • Even complex storage strategies can be mapped
  • Get real-time visibility into inventory and batch data
  • MDE solution for mapping relevant logistics and production processes
  • Load carrier and inventory processing

Your benefits: Secure performance reduces costs while increasing the efficiency of your processes. 

Research & Development

Protein, vegan, or paleo: Consumer wishes are changing. It is critical that you innovate, even while you work to produce profitably. Your solution: the ERP industry software YAVEON ProBatch:

  • Develop and manage recipes and parts lists
  • Fully document products in the system
  • Multi-level calculation via various schemes, including recommended retail pricing
  • Recipe release for production
  • All relevant product features are taken into account

Your benefits: The implementation of innovative products is faster, easier, and safer. You always keep an eye on the costs.

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Supplier evaluation

Maintaining and improving quality within your value chain is both a challenge and a goal. You can achieve this more easily thanks to the integrated supplier evaluation:

  • Constant control of the delivery parameters. The rating is available throughout
  • Active notification about workflows
  • Classification of suppliers, delivery quality, and delivery reliability
  • Rating of automated criteria (e.g. adherence to deadlines and quantity), quality criteria of the delivered products, and "soft" criteria such as service or responsiveness

Your benefits: You constantly monitor the quality of your suppliers. You actively develop your suppliers and avoid negative deviations. This strengthens the business relationship and influences the quality of your product and your delivery capability.

Trading module

Stay in control and be able to act quickly: With the trade module of our ERP industry software, you can manage listings, hierarchies, as well as price structures in one solution:

  • Customer hierarchies
  • Listings for products and product groups
  • Complex price and discount structures are made transparent to aid customers

Your benefits: The mapping of complex trade structures reduces order entry work and systematically avoids errors as well as complaints. So you're ready to do business with the big players in the industry.

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Microsoft ERP meets industry solution

Are you looking for more in-depth information on our ERP system? You have come to the right place.

In the whitepaper of our industry solution YAVEON ProBatch, you will learn

  • everything about the foundation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,
  • why an industry solution makes sense,
  • which features make YAVEON ProBatch unique,
  • how a ProBatch project proceeds,
  • how an ERP project can be realized without interfering with day-to-day operations,
  • what the four most important goals of an ERP project are,
  • and much more.
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