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We are proud to have won the trust of more than 550 medium-sized companies from a range of industries,  like yours.

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Find out how ARGUS introduced clearly structured processes, saved time, and exploited the potential of digital processes over the long term.

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Evident Ingredients – ERP

How evident ingredients managed to simplify their batch management process and why they feel future-proof due to YAVEON cloud solution.

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Menicon – ERP

Menicon deals with a vast number of orders and extensive product variants. Read on to find out how they overcame an initial bumpy start to manage this extreme challenge successfully.

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Helm AG – ERP and ESCM

Read our report and learn how HELM have managed to save time, increase their efficency and automatically post consumption based on the recipe.

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Albert Kerbl – ESCM

Learn how Albert Kerbl GmbH managed to reduce costs, connect partners, handle processes automated and, at the same time, reduce their workload.

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Ayanda – ERP

Find out how Ayanda received an ERP system that meets the requirements of computer system validation and how they can approach every audit with confidence.

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Bort – ESCM

Find out how BORT have managed to save time while handling around 430 records a day and why no external help is needed.

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Cremer Oleo – ECM

Do you want to learn how CREMER OLEO managed to archive documents and filing to all filles, including access to all documents, quality management and quality assurance – all in one system?
Keep on reading.

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Gustav Heess – ERP

Find out how gustav heess optimized their business processes, how they have been able to speed up their reaction on challenges set by globalization and changes in the market and how they gained more flexibility and security of investment.

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Hameln – ECM & BI

Are you wondering how hameln pharma have been able to reduce their controlling workload and display evaluations faster? Do you want to learn how their outgoing invoices are now filed directly in the system? Keep on reading to find out more.

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Kemper – ERP

Read how Kemper managed to join the existing ERP and, in parts, the outdated PPS system and how they created a solid base for working on one platform with consistent master data and continous workflows.

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Schlumberger – ESCM

Read the reference report to learn how Schlumberger have realized automated order processing and how they use interfaces to other systems.

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Schulz – ERP

How Schulz Farben- und Lackfabrik managed to transform the international corporate development based on their future demands.

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Schweitzer Chemie – ERP

Learn how Schweitzer Chemie replaced their self-programmed IT solution with a new ERP system and optimized their processes and find out how they established a basis for healthy growth.

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Sero – ERP

Read how SERO manages batches, uses tracking, calculates recipies, saves time and has an overview over the entire production.

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Fully automated processing for highest quality in carbon fibre composite components.

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Trioptotec (Project Preview) – ERP

Find out how TriOptoTec realized their ERP project, which goals have been set and why partnership plays a major role.

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Albrecht Bäumer – ESCM

In the report, you can read how Albrecht Bäumer managed to save time, reduce error potential and complexity and how they avoid inventory discrepancies.

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Midas – ESCM

Find out how Midas use a direct connection to the warehouse of the external logistics provider and processes orders automatically.

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Hameln – ESCM

Find out how hameln pharma have managed to connect an external warehouse primarily with a standard interface and to save time through automated processes.

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wimtec MATTES – ESCM

Find out how wimatec MATTES implemented a direct warehouse connection of partners as well as automated order processing and managed to handle the company’s growth.

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Neumeister Hydraulik – ESCM and ERP

Read the reference report to find out how Neumeister Hydraulik managed to simplify their own processes and learn more about their long-term partnership with YAVEON.

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The heart of YAVEON

We are proud to have won the trust of more than 550 medium-sized companies from a range of industries,  like yours. But as we all know: Projects don't always go smoothly and without any challenges. That's why we work together with you. For you, this means: Goal achieved. How?


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Referencelogo Bort

» YAVEON works well for many of our customers, and which argument could be better than a personal recommendation? «

Samuel Erz,

Referencelogo Schulz Farben und Lacke

» We‘re pleased to have found a strong partner in YAVEON, with whom we can work on an equal footing and who speaks our language «

Alexander Böhler,
Schulz Farben- und Lackfabrik

Referencelogo Ayanda

» While doing some research on the internet, I came across the YAVEON website. The products seemed to fit. I found the YAVEON ProBatch industry solution and the validation experience particularly interesting. «

Petra Duchrau,
Ayanda GmbH

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5 locations, more than 550 customers, roundabout 170 employees. We benefit from years of experience and have committed ourselves to a maximum of quality for successful customers. But there are many more reasons for realizing a project with YAVEON.

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Realistic assessments for a joint success. Because we know that this is the only way to give our customers what they want.

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One system that covers it all? The YAVEON solutions can be connected without interfaces for seamless integration into your IT landscape.

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Industry experience

Industry knowlege is common, industry experience not so much. We can draw on a wealth of knowledge from years of industry experience and know how to avoid mistakes.

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With YAVEON, you get a quotation that keeps its promises. It might not be the lowest price, but it will be the most accurate.

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