CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Know what the customer wants

  • Clear documentation of customer information
  • Achieve good customer relationships more easily
  • Flexible access - anytime, anywhere
  • One central datapool for customer and prospect contacts and all contact history
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Simply maintain the data and off you go

Each company has its way of working, you choose the type that suits you best. Do you mainly work in a B2B environment? Use your CRM as a collection point for contacts, document all activities, and plan actions. The end customer is your direct contact? Then you need to know how they are feeling – the system allows you to evaluate their mood on social networks or behavior on your website. You save effort, avoid failed campaigns, and reach your defined target group.

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4 important areas of use

Customer loyalty brings rewards

Whether you are using your CRM as a “golden address book”, planning campaigns, or evaluating options: With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, you use software that creates connections. The program is part of the Microsoft Dynamics enterprise applications, which as a result gives you a system that operates intuitively. That's how you meet the demands of your customers, maintain an overview, and boost overall job satisfaction.







You and your colleagues can access the master data record on every device, from anywhere



Curious to learn more?

Get to know everything about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

In our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement factsheet, you will learn

  • how to use your CRM as a "golden address book" to plan campaigns,
  • how to manage your processes with a CRM system,
  • how to improve customer relations,
  • how to meet the requirements of GDPR,
  • how to evaluate your data and present it clearly,
  • how to receive access to customer information along the customer journey,
  • and much more.
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A system that meets your needs

Use various business functionalities as needed - with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement:





Microsoft CRM meets YAVEON

Would a CRM make sense for your company?
Important FAQs

In the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement whitepaper, you will learn

  • what CRM is and how it works,
  • how a CRM system is created and how complex the implementation of the system is,
  • why you should integrate your CRM system with YAVEON and a partner,
  • the difference between a CRM and an ERP system,
  • when it is worthwhile installing a CRM system in your company,
  • when a CRM project is considered successful,
  • about the 8 most significant advantages of CRM,
  • and much more.
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Why Microsoft and YAVEON

A leader for over 30 years, with 3.3 million Business Central users, and 4,500 partners using their software worldwide, Microsoft is one of the most experienced and proven ERP providers.

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Used around the globe

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is used worldwide - in all countries, in multiple languages and in various currencies. How is this even possible? Microsoft relies on their vast partner network to make this happen.


Kept simple, easy to use

Software developed for users. Microsoft opted for the Visual Studio Code development environment - a modern tool that is popular with users and has proven its worth. What does this mean for you? You can find answers, expertise and support whenever you need them, and discuss current issues in the online Microsoft communities.


Simple communication, better collaboration and logical structures

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the next generation of NAV, is designed to meet the challenges of digital transformation. The system is always up to date and enables networking - to other systems as well as between users. If you want to learn how to use the solution most effectively, then Digital Transformation Consulting from YAVEON is perfect for you.

Questions are there to be answered.

FAQs about CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

What does Microsoft CRM do?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is the leading cloud-based CRM solution from Microsoft. It provides a combination of Sales and Marketing features to help you engage customers at the perfect time and in a more targeted way.

Why do I need Microsoft CRM?

The familiar Microsoft interface is coupled with features that create tangible value. Microsoft's CRM brings together all the capabilities you need to strengthen customer relationships, drive sales activities, improve marketing targeting, and unlock insights that drive your business forward. 

How much does the Microsoft CRM cost?

The price of your CRM solution depends on various factors such as the number of users, the features used and other requirements. YAVEON consultants work with you to find your ideal CRM package. 

What modules are available in Microsoft CRM?

Microsoft's CRM consists of the following modules: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, and Project Service Automation.

Can Microsoft CRM be extended?

The system can be extended with customizations or by using the Microsoft Power Platform as part of the “Citizen Development” approach.

Can the Microsoft CRM be scaled?

The system is offered in the public cloud, where it can be scaled with different plans.

Is Microsoft CRM cloud-enabled?

The current versions of CRM are now only available via the public cloud.

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