ERP Industry solution YAVEON Probatch

Break through the boundaries of your ERP System

  • For small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Customized solution for the life sciences industry
  • Modular design for easy extension
  • More reliable and efficient processes
  • Extends Microsoft ERP with industry-relevant functions

The foundation of our ERP industry solution: The Microsoft 365 business central ERP

Every industry has specific requirements in day-to-day operations - and these can be mapped in a system. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies with up to 3,000 users. The system provides the ideal foundation for your secret weapon—the ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch. 

beyond the boundaries of ERP - with the ERP industry solution YAVEON Probatch

Our ERP industry solution, YAVEON ProBatch, is fully integrated into Business Central, and takes the Microsoft solution to the next level. With YAVEON ProBatch, you extend your ERP system with the features that make everyday life in the life sciences industries more efficient, easier, and safer. From quality control to research & development and inventory management, right through to optimized, scanner-supported logistics processes. Our industry software provides everything you need to work safely and efficiently. 


Business Central and ProBatch are a perfect fit for SMEs because they include precisely the functions you need. Rather than cluttering up the interface with additional, unnecessary buttons.

Flexible growth

Your business and your requirements change. YAVEON ProBatch too: Our ERP industry solution can be extended easily due to its modular structure.

Pure benefit: these 7 benefits expand the boundaries of your ERP industry solution

uninterrupted production

The absolute nightmare scenario. Your production comes to a standstill. Prevent unplanned downtime reliably by mapping raw material qualities and recalculating recipes. 

maximum quality

You know that sinking feeling when you receive a complaint? Avoid it. Quality checks at all levels or process stages ensure results at the highest level.  

Control processes automatically

Hours of steering work wears on your nerves and costs precious time. Rule management automatically controls processes, saving you time and money.

highest speed

As you know, time is money. For this reason, you may look particularly closely at labor-intensive steps. To really speed up your processes, use scanners and barcodes to map your warehouse and production digitally. 

Keep a clear overview

A product has to be recalled. What a nightmare! But don’t worry because due to item and batch history, you will always know where every article is, and which lot is affected. 

Absolutely Future-Proof

Are you worried that your software will be obsolete tomorrow? Microsoft is an integral part of the software world - yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This means a secure investment in tried-and-tested structures. 

Connecting the software universe

Stand-alone solutions are systems that run side by side. This obviously results in duplicate data entry and a lot more work. Microsoft solutions such as Power BI, Excel, and Outlook connect you seamlessly instead. And other systems? They too can be connected, of course, via an interface. 

Microsoft ERP meets industry solution

Are you looking for more in-depth information on our ERP system? You have come to the right place.

In the whitepaper of our industry solution YAVEON ProBatch, you will learn

  • everything about the foundation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,
  • why an industry solution makes sense,
  • which features make YAVEON ProBatch unique,
  • how a ProBatch project proceeds,
  • how an ERP project can be realized without interfering with day-to-day operations,
  • what the four most important goals of an ERP project are,
  • and much more.
Preview Whitepaper ERP-System YAVEON Probatch

The YAVEON ERP universe is modular - and cloud-ready

Whether classic on-premises, private cloud, or a hybrid solution - the ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch offers the right solution for every requirement. And it gets even better because the YAVEON modules are also available as individual apps in the public cloud. For more information about our apps, visit Microsoft AppSource. 

Choose which apps and functions you want to use ...

... and you can expand as needed - easily with one click.

As a cloud solution, it is ready for the future.

Explore new ERP galaxies with these features of our erp industry solution

Everything you need—and more. Expand your operating scope with these highlights (and more) from our ERP industry solution:

Computer System Validation

YAVEON ProBatch meets the requirements of computer system validation. Included: ready-to-use validation documents.

Process manufacturing

From manufacturing specifications to controlled logistics processes - you can manage it all in one system.

Batch tracing

Thanks to batch tracking, you can see exactly where consumed items came from, how and where they were processed, and where they were shipped.

GMP compliant

Our industry solution meets key GMP requirements.

Calculate features

Calculations based on multi-level item and batch characteristics throughout the production chain.

Recipe management

Use recipe development and release for production directly in the ERP. You can also manage active ingredients and input materials, and define manufacturing specifications.

Hazardous Materials Management

With the ability to manage hazardous material characteristics in the system, you can integrate this information across all processes directly in YAVEON ProBatch.


Determine the cost of goods manufactured based on material and capacity costs with one click, and calculate sales prices with the help of suitable costing schedules.

Supplier evaluation

Deadline, quantity, quality, and free criteria: To ensure that the required quality of your products begins with your suppliers, use the supplier evaluation feature.


Your trading module includes functions for advanced pricing, customer hierarchies, listings, bonuses, commissions, and delivery restrictions.

Satisfied customers are the best reference

References for our ERP system

ERP for the pharma industry

Read our reference report to find out how Ayanda received an ERP system that meets the requirements of computer system validation and how they can approach every audit with confidence.

ERP for the chemical industry

Read how Kemper managed to join the existing ERP and, in parts, the outdated PPS system and how they created a solid base for working on one platform with consistent master data and continous workflows.

ERP for the cosmetics industry

Read our reference report to find out how gustav heess optimized their business processes, how they have been able to speed up their reaction on challenges set by globalization and changes in the market and how they gained more flexibility and security of investment.

Let´s reach the goal together

There are other ERP industry solution providers on the market.
So why choose YAVEON? Here are the most important arguments, and our project philosophy:  

Hand in hand

From the first contact to the go-live, YAVEON stands for consulting on an equal footing, and a cooperative partnership.  

Reliable solutions

Our foundation: Microsoft. Equally future-proof: our industry solution, which we are constantly developing to keep it up-to-date. 

Effective implementation

Our implementation methodology guides you safely through any ERP project. Challenges? There will be, but we’ll tackle them together.

Uninterrupted use

Processes that run smoothly. Only when this has been achieved is our task at your company complete.

In-depth project experience

We proudly look back on over 550 satisfied customers. Because we are not satisfied until you are.  

The right solution for everyone

Classic ERP project or compact package solution: Every company needs a different solution. 

Questions are there to be answered.


What is YAVEON ProBatch?

YAVEON ProBatch is an ERP solution that extends the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system with industry-relevant features. The base system and the industry solution merge into one unit, and the user works seamlessly with the interface.

For which industries is YAVEON ProBatch suitable?

YAVEON ProBatch is designed for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food, cosmetics, and medical technology industries.

What advantages does YAVEON ProBatch offer compared to a standard solution?

An ERP system is good - an ERP system with industry features is better. This is the only way customers can map essential industry processes directly in the ERP solution. Combined with the expertise of YAVEON's experienced consultants, the result is an unbeatable package.

Is YAVEON ProBatch validation ready?

The YAVEON ProBatch solution is developed according to the specifications of GAMP 5 and meets the requirements for the implementation of a validated ERP system. To help you get through your audits safely. You need supplier audits deeply embedded in your validation process? That’s our daily business.

How does the implementation of YAVEON ProBatch work?

YAVEON uses its proven introduction methodology, YAVEON ProCedures. The procedure is the conceptual basis for uniform and standardized project handling and is continuously optimized and expanded with best-practice experience. A comprehensive set of templates makes project management much easier - particularly in the validated environment.

What operator models are there for YAVEON Probatch, and which one is suitable for my company?

Here are the differences between the various operator models: While the on-premises version installs your software on the company server, the cloud version runs the ERP system in a cloud used specifically for this purpose. With the public cloud, your data is stored in a dedicated space that you rent within a global data center. Your consultant can help you decide which version is most suitable for you.

Can YAVEON ProBatch be updated, and what happens when updates are available for Microsoft Business Central?

The current product versions are geared specifically for regular Microsoft updates and can be implemented as easily as an Office update. YAVEON ProBatch is also regularly extended and continually improved. Of course, these updates are absolutely uncomplicated.

Is it possible to share data with suppliers, customers, or partners?

Yes, there is a solution for thisl: YAVEON's EDI module enables you to exchange information automatically. It can also be used to implement common APIs.

Can I use the ERP industry solution in industries other than life sciences?

Yes, it’s possible. The ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch is optimized for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, medical technology, food, and cosmetics industries. However, the industry solution includes numerous functions that are suitable for other sectors and provides extensive benefits here as well. That’s been the experience of our customers from other industries. 

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