Mapping requirements of the chemical industry with ERP software

Mastering challenges with YAVEON ProBatch

  • Your daily work: the need for safety and sustainability
  • Your challenge: the need to stay flexible
  • Your solution: the ERP industry software YAVEON ProBatch
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Challenges for today and tomorrow

Strict regulations, demanding customers, multi-layered production processes, and the increasing requirements in quality, environment and production safety - these are the challenges that chemical companies face every day. Not to mention the pressure to drive research & development.

The Solution: Customized Industry Software

It's easier with YAVEON Probatch: The ERP industry solution ensures a high quality standard and enables the automation of everyday processes. This saves time, and you remain flexible - for more innovative ideas around topics such as sustainability.

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ERP industry solution YAVEON Probatch

You can expect these (and many more) advantages with the right industry functions

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Research & Development

The demands placed on chemical products are constantly changing. It’s not easy to develop new substances that meet your customers’ expectations while remaining profitable. YAVEON ProBatch helps you out:

  • Development and management of your recipes/bill of materials for innovative products
  • Version management of your recipes and parts lists
  • Selectively release recipes for manufacturing
  • Calculate costs of new products directly in the system
  • Consideration of all relevant product features
  • Preparation and shipment of samples

Your benefits: You can more easily develop new and innovative products: Due to the centralized and comprehensive documentation, you can invest more time in the research and development of new products. And always keep an eye on costings as the cornerstone of profitable distribution.

Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous substances are an essential part of your everyday work. You know the importance of the correct handling of these substances. Let YAVEON ProBatch help you out.

  • Management of hazardous substance characteristics and product links
  • Printing, management, and distribution of safety data sheets
  • Hazardous goods shipping document, hazardous substances register, and fire department list
  • Bidirectional standard interfaces to EPOS and Chemdox
  • Connection of further hazardous substance management systems possible
  • Comparison with, among others, hazardous materials register, fire department lists, and point calculations for shipping possible

Your benefits: The efficient handling of hazardous substances makes everyday life easier and safer.

ERP Characteristics Management

Product specifications and specification management

Specifications represent the basic framework of manufacturing. They also allow you to handle a wide variety of substances and processes quickly, easily, and clearly. Ease your workload - directly in your ERP system:

  • Automatic filling
  • Characteristic specification for all essential master data areas
  • Automatic calculation of feature values
  • Inheritance of the characteristic values to the batch

Your benefits: Your substances and products are labelled with the right information from the start - increasing safety, saving time, and reducing errors.

Warehouse and logistics management

A critical issue for manufacturing companies is efficient warehouse and logistics management. Use the relevant features to keep an overview - even on mobile devices.

  • A comprehensive logistics solution - without interfaces to warehouse management systems
  • Separation of storage areas such as BTM and cold storage and a control station for dispatch processing
  • Mapping of complex storage strategies as well as consideration of quarantine, blocking and other batch statuses
  • Extensive availability calculation regarding batch status and rules set
  • Stocks and batch data can be viewed in real-time
  • MDE solution for relevant logistics and production processes as well as management of load carriers & inventory processing

Your benefits: Accelerated processing, reduced administrative efforts, and full transparency - all in one holistic system.

Quality control

Quality controls are part of your daily routine in the chemical industry - you must meet the highest, and constantly, changing requirements. Our ERP industry software enables you to meet quality criteria at all times:

  • Adherence to Audit Trail, regulations and compliance.
  • Reliable, continuous quality controls and error prevention thanks to quality constraint
  • Incoming inspection of raw materials and management of inspection plans & test equipment
  • Process-related automatic creation of test orders and generation of analysis certificates
  • Inspection of semi-finished/finished goods and monitoring of cleanrooms or equipment
  • Management of stability tests and specification of test severity per product

Your benefits: Maximum safety with reduced workload and more transparency. You will be happy and so will your customers.

Batch management

To be able to react when necessary, you need a reliable overview of the current status of your batches. YAVEON ProBatch can help with this, as well as with traceability when needed:

  • Complete, detailed, and multi-level lot traceability
  • Check which lot was used at any specific time, under which conditions and for which purpose
  • Complete batch and serial number tracking and management of batch status and batch characteristics
  • Authorization control depending on lot status
  • Changes to batch info only for authorized persons and in the permitted process step
  • Division and mixing of lots
  • Takes into account the entire flow of goods

Your benefits: Error reduction with increased safety and easier operation, especially in handling lots. This provides traceability along your entire supply chain.

Supplier management

Good suppliers are an essential part of your supply chain and make it possible to keep your own product quality high in the long term. Manage suppliers more easily with your industry solution:

  • Configurable supplier qualification with hard and soft criteria
  • Automated evaluation of schedule and quantity adherence
  • Capture of soft criteria for evaluation
  • Integration of risk monitoring
  • Quality qualification via the testing system based on the delivered products

Your benefits: This provides you with powerful arguments for supplier negotiations and enables you to develop the business relationship professionally. Build your entire supply chain sustainably and efficiently towards high quality and low complaint numbers.

Load carriers and returnable containers

Your logistic processes should make use of provided containers, such as IBCs, pallets, large and small load carriers, during manufacturing. These should also be planned and managed in your inventory. Just use YAVEON ProBatch:

  • Extended transfer or filling of orders
  • Scanner dialogs support logistics processes for complete load carrier chain
  • Direct use in shipping or through a repackaging process
  • Disposition of containers
  • Rental container including rental fee statement
  • Rental container tracking

Your benefits: fast and easy handling of large quantities of articles with sufficient empty container stocks

ERP Compliance Guidelines


As a company in the chemical industry, you must meet the conditions of the REACH regulation. Your ERP consultant and YAVEON ProBatch can facilitate this:

  • Developed specifically for the regulated sector
  • Regular auditing by our customers
  • YAVEON consultants know your industry well, and guide you safely through compliance processes

Your benefits: Because you rely on software that is prepared for REACH and have consultants at your side who reliably guide you through the project, you can introduce your solution efficiently and can get off to a faster start.

Data exchange, for example, with retail chains

Data exchange. Mostly a must. Whether automotive, industrial, or wholesale customers, the connection of contract manufacturers, external warehouses or purchasing via chemical platforms - the electronic exchange of data of your complete supply chain between systems has been indispensable for many years and is made even easier with YAVEON:

  • Support of automotive as well as retail notifications
  • Labeling and packaging to prepare for delivery, and specific delivery notifications
  • Standardized connection to EDI partners, such as Amazon, Hornbach, BMW, Mercateo
  • With all components relevant for EDI, including data transfer, such as AS2, X400, OFTP and web services
  • Data conversion entirely without external converter, e.g., VDA, Global, EDIFACT
  • Custom mappings and standard mapping customizations without programming knowledge
  • Status control, tracking, error messages, and more - directly in the Microsoft ERP
  • An integral part of the ERP system and scalable

Your benefits: a fast and standardized connection to any EDI partner. Extensive configuration features eliminate the need for customized programming. Have more time for essential tasks by reducing errors and increasing automation.

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Microsoft ERP meets industry solution

Are you looking for more in-depth information on our ERP system? You have come to the right place.

In the whitepaper of our industry solution YAVEON ProBatch, you will learn

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  • why an industry solution makes sense,
  • which features make YAVEON ProBatch unique,
  • how a ProBatch project proceeds,
  • how an ERP project can be realized without interfering with day-to-day operations,
  • what the four most important goals of an ERP project are,
  • and much more.
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