Training management software for simpler training

Keep track of your employees' qualifications digitally with a training management tool

Employee qualifications are essential in the regulated environment. You need to track who has which qualification, identify and plan training needs, and keep track of qualification expiration dates. Manually, this often ends with mistakes. Could this be easier? Yes. With training management software.

Digital overview instead of manual paper chaos

Manage training courses and qualification requirements

Determine the qualification needs of your employees

Certification of employee qualifications


Training management software makes everyday work easier

Digital quality management can make your training easier because, with training management software, you handle the processes automatically and digitally. Proof of existing and current qualifications is maintained digitally and is audit-proof.

Planning of individual training courses and training measures, for example, "read-and-understand tasks", "classroom training" and "external training courses”

Create training courses easily via PowerPoint and integrate documents, audio, and video files with ease.

Monitor performance review easily in your task list

Automatic and permanent creation of a qualification matrix (and a search feature to find which employee fulfills certain qualification requirements)

What is the difference between e-learning software and training management, and why the modules work best in combination?

Training management is a tool that allows you to manage all aspects of training and training measures digitally. This includes organization, updating training status, and proof of completion. The e-learning solution is used for the actual delivery of the training courses. This includes the preparation of training materials and the training itself. Combined, the modules create an automated, end-to-end training experience - for trainers, participants, and companies.

An unbeatable combination: Training management and e-learning

Extend digital skills management with the ability to implement and deliver training digitally and in a modern format. This means that not only internal training courses can be held digitally, but also training courses for external parties, such as partners or customers.

The 8 biggest benefits of training management software

Training management software

... This - and much more - awaits you:

  • Support for document training, classroom training, and external training
  • Optional performance review based on multiple-choice tests
  • Configurable repeat intervals
  • Automatic creation of training sheets and participant lists
  • Automatic delivery of the relevant documents in the event of a change of department

with partnerships

YAVEON relies on the QM solutions of our partner d.velop Life Sciences

Consulting expertise meets proven features: YAVEON and d.velop Life Sciences - the perfect combination. YAVEON has years of experience and expertise in the regulated environment and serves numerous clients in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. The d.velop Life Science modules are precisely aligned to the needs of customers from the regulated environment and provide a solid foundation. The combination of professional consulting and smooth-running products is unbeatable. Take a closer look.

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Important regulatory requirements that are met with training management software:

  • ISO 9001:2015, Chapter 7
  • ISO 13485:2016, Chapter 6
  • EU-GMP Guideline Part 1, Chapter 2
Fulfilled regulations of training management software
  • EU-GMP Guideline Part 2, Chapter 3
  • Ordinance on the Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (AMWHV) §2
  • FDA 21 CFR 211 Subpart B

Curious to learn more?

YAVEON QM modules - partner solutions of d.velop life sciences

In our YAVEON QM modules factsheet, you will learn

  • how to organize controlled documents,
  • how to respond if something goes wrong,
  • how to plan and record qualifications of your employees
  • how to integrate modules and systems,
  • how to train your employees,
  • how to create a CAPA and access it repeatedly,
  • and much more.
Preview Factsheet Digital Quality Management

Questions are there to be answered.

The most important FAQs around training management

Can only authorized users view the training overviews?

Yes, because in employee qualification management, you can define different roles.

How are documents assigned to departments and employees?

After document release, the training managers are prompted to assign the document to the employee profiles that need to be trained on it. Employees are then given a training assignment.

How can I check if a document has been understood?

With a questionnaire on the document with multiple-choice or yes/no questions. It is possible to specify in advance how many questions must be answered correctly for the training certificate to be issued.

Is it possible to repeat training courses periodically, and how can I keep track of the training status?

Yes, training management allows different repeat intervals. A matrix shows the current training status with colored symbols.

Can I also manage training without a QM document?

It is possible to store additional qualifications without reference to a QM document as an additional qualification. The responsible subject expert can create these and assign them to employees or profiles. In addition, it is possible to record blank training courses (e.g., advanced training) that can be exchanged for a specific qualification at a later date.

Can employees who do not have access to the digital QM system also be trained?

If a profile contains employees without system access, the responsible person is prompted to schedule classroom training. The documents for the training are attached to the task for printing. Once the training is done, they are returned along with the signature. The completed training is then noted in the system via a printed code, and the training certificate is assigned to the employee.

Are changes to training management documented?

The system has its own audit trail where changes to questionnaires, evidence of qualifications and profiles, and training can be documented.

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